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Maintain competitiveness within a world that becomes more complex on a daily base, coupled with the desire to reduce the consumption of resources, becomes a struggle for every corporation. 


Juconn Solutions liberate the digital transition for every company. Implementing connectivity even in the most difficult scenarios is what we love. We provide you access to the currently most undervalued and unused assets you got: your machine data. Juconn Solution will give you access, visualize, and help you understand a new set of KPIs to improve your operational efficiency and implement automatic services. 


The evolutional step once you implemented condition monitoring is predictive maintenance. Based on existing algorithms or deep data analytics, you might not only understand what conditions will impact the functionality even cause a break down but in an ideal case will be able to predict such event and replace likely failing parts to avoid downtimes.


Juconn Solution uses innovative injection methods to allow running your very own algorithms behind your firewall to secure your assets. If no such algorithms are available, we use data engineering methods, coupled with machine learning (AI) tools to extract root causes and develop own predictability models.



Keeping control of your assets means more than to know their location. Modern edge devices can provide global real time monitoring about their environmental condition and with Juconn Solution, you even can provide controlled visibility to your customers, to increase the customer satisfaction or document regulatory compliance. 

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