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Our simple IOT approach works for any industry and use case.

While smart devices gained access to all of us in our private world, i.e. in smart homes, fitness trackers and smart phones, many still struggle to see the opportunities within their specific industries and vertical markets.


There is literally no area where we can’t provide a proper use case with a substantial benefit.

Explore below some examples of benefits in specific markets.


Commercial kitchens combine devices from various manufacturers and kinds, like ovens

or steam cookers. With Juconn, all of these devices can be managed in one application. Components like seals can be monitored for wear. Also, values like temperature and set points can be not only measured but also controlled from anywhere.

Connected Kitche


The economic landscape of wind- and other renewable sources of energy is changing. Gaining more control and maximize the operational efficiency has become a must for ecological and economical success in the future. Juconn Solution not only maximize the ROI but also solves the expensive connectivity problem in innovative ways. 



While Industry dominated the IoT discussions, yet there is much benefit in innovative and real time sensor measurements. While it can reduce the use of fertilizer – which reduce cost and protects the nature – agricultural IoT can optimize the food productions and reduce the waste of water.

Industry 4.0


Get control of all values in terms of health and state of your machines. No matter what types of devices and engines, Juconn gets all data aggregated without interfering into your hardware environment through its plug-and-play approach. Therefore, wear and tear of machines can be monitored and prevented early.



While the society of today and tomorrow becomes more sensitive to environmental protection, everybody still expects the public services to evolve and raise the community service. Smart city solutions improve the operational efficiency and service, while reducing the ecological footprint.  

Smart City


With a direct impact to human’s health, the pharmaceutical industry benefits tremendous by a higher automation of production control and ‘from factory-to-patient’ logistic - GDP compliant tracking solutions.


Juconn Solutions help to improve the safeness of pharmaceuticals and protect the assets of the pharmaceutical industry. 



Valuable goods and items like music instruments require good care. With Juconn, geographic tracking of these items via GPS is made easy. Monitor your goods and belongings always and from anywhere so that nothing gets lost or stolen.

Transport & Logitics


A healthy work environment not only protects your greatest assets – your people – but also lift the effectiveness as people get less sick and are less tired. Adding smart devices simplifies the workflow and saves cost and energy.

Smart Office
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